1. To undertake legal proceedings, in Nigeria and elsewhere, on behalf of victims of organised violence and torture, and in that regard:  to give legal advice to such victims. To give gratuitous/free legal advice to needy persons and groups regardless of race, colour or national origin. To draft legal pleadings and other Court documents and to attend to the filing of such documents.

2. To identify areas of human rights abuse, train personnel in identifying and documenting violations of those rights in Africa, and Nigeria in particular. To liase with government in resolving those abuses.

3.To encourage, initiate, solicit, and strongly support matters of  communal, local, state, national and International significance that will further the integration of the basic principles of free legal services, social and human Advancement, growth and development  in Africa and the entire world.

4. To Liase with national and International groups and Institutions, and develop affiliations with these institutions, groups and individuals known to have educational programs on democratic principles and ethics with a view to educating Nigerians, Africans and others.

5. To strengthen women influence in social and political spheres , free private enterprise and self employment by means of partnership training activities, literatures, education, informational exchange with other non governmental organizations in Nigeria and elsewhere.

6. To Uphold children’s rights as enunciated in the United Nations’ Charter and prevent, prosecute and discourage child abuse, child trafficking, spousal abuse and elders abuse.

7. To organize seminars, conferences and workshops through the Foundation’s leadership training programs with a view to educating everyone on social development and issues of Law, ethics and Justice.