Health and welfare development

Poverty continues to be a critical social malaise confronting the Nigerian Nation. Poverty has defiled every imaginable solution and has frustrated genuine governmental efforts aimed at its alleviation.

AFFAH genuinely believes that Empowerment programs give Hope and Succor to the disadvantaged and the poor. Subsequently, the Foundation works tirelessly to ensure that the beneficiaries of its programs and targets are empowered through a series of Human Development initiatives, including provision of tools of trade, pertinent skills and knowledge.


In this wise, AFFAH has designed a multi-pronged tripartite approach including;

1.AFFAH Women Empowerment Scheme
2. AFFAH Youth Empowerment Scheme
3. AFFAH Widows Empowerment Scheme

4. AFFAH Protection of Child Rights Scheme


Giving affordable Health Care to our target groups especially Women and Children has always been the fervent desire of our Founding Trustees and this has given rise to the Adenike Ayinke Safe Pregnancy and Motherhood Initiative.

The project is a unique and a novel initiative created by the Chief Executive Officer of the foundation and supported by the board of trustees and all the stakeholders in the Foundation. The project is intended to alleviate and reduce the incidence of Infant and Maternal Mortality in all AFFAH’s target areas by helping pregnant women and girls to access qualitative and affordable medical care especially prenatal and post natal care. AFFAH believes that child bearing should not be onerous as it is a natural phenomenon.

Due to the unfavourable Health climate  and the inability of both the States and Federal Government to provide affordable health care to all and sundry, the Foundation is collaborating with some other non-governmental organizations and some private entities  to provide affordable qualitative health care to all target groups with emphasis on pregnant women, Mothers and Children Under14 years.