In spite of Government’s effort s at ensuring compulsory qualitative education to all children in all AFFAH’s target States through influencing the legislature to enact Laws making public schools free of all tuition and levies, but the enrolment numbers continues to dwindle.

A huge number of parents and guardians cannot afford the required books, bags, Uniforms and other essential materials necessary for scholarly work, while some of the children are without parents or guardians to cater for their basic  educational needs.

The Support-A-Child initiative is the legal act of someone, other than the biological parents or persons who stands in loco parentis to the child, to temporarily accept responsibility of a child’s primary or elementary education.

AFFAH’s Support-a-child scheme is an initiative that mimics the United States NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND PROGRAM aimed at ensuring mass enrolment of children in all of its target areas through campaign, Advocacy, sensitization, and collaboration with all relevant Government agencies, CBOs, non-governmental organization, civil societies and the Private sector.

The initiative is an encouragement to rich citizens and philantropists to financially support indigent children by sponsoring their education. Adults can benefit from AFFAH literacy programs by enrolling free of charge for evening classes at some of its several locations.