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On May 31, 2015, AFFAH was granted a Special and Consultative status by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations due to its performance and activities which are in consonance with the council’s objectives and mission.

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UNODC (United Nations Office on Drug and Crime)

United Nations Global Compact

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ICHR (International Council on Human Rights)

Bring Back Our Girls

On April, 14 2014, 276 Nigerian School girls were kidnapped by the terrorists group BOKO HARAM in a remote village of Chibok near Maiduguri, Borno State. These girls were writing their School certificate examinations when they were taken captives. It has been over two months since these girls have been kidnapped and despite world attention and pleadings that the girls should be returned to their parents the terrorist group did not release them. As the world attention begins to shift from the plights of these poor girls to other troubled spots in the world, AFFAH and all its stakeholders will continue to put its focus on rescuing the girls.

AFFAH has distributed fliers, Pamphlets, posters and we have taken part in walks and treks in to bring peoples’ attention to the issue and in sympathy with the State and the Federal Government. We appeal to the insurgents to embrace the path of peace and dialogue with the government. Whatever their grievances were any issue could be resolved through dialogue. AFFAH has been in contact with the parents of the School girls to commiserate with them. We share their pains at this trying time.  AFFAH and its board of trustees continued to pray that all the girls would be returned safely to their parents.